Light and Sound Meditation Method

To hear the inner sound and to see the inner light, your physical ears and eyes are not needed. It will smell such perfumes as are beyond the reach of your ordinary noses. Thus, very subtle senses, what you call supersenses, will become alive and active.   Each of our sense organs is connected with a corresponding supersense organ. There is an ear which hears on the outside and there is another ear which hears within you. But the inner ear was never given a chance to function. Now that your outer ear is overworked and it refuses to work anymore, and the new energy has gathered near your reluctant ears, what will it do? It will activate your other ear, the inner ear, which has never been used in the past.

So you will hear and see such things that if you speak to your friends about them they will say, "You have gone out of your mind. It is impossible. You are deluded; you are just dreaming."   But you will hear the sound more clearly than you ever heard the music of your veena, your lute. The inner lute will be heard so clear and loud that you can never think that it could be unreal, false. You will say that if this is false, the outer veena is utterly false.   So that new doors to your existence open, it is necessary as a beginning to tire out your senses. Once those doors are opened, there is no problem. Then you can compare, and say that if you have to see, it is far better to see within, which is so much blissful. The outer is insignificant in comparison with the inner. But right now you have no way to compare, you have no choice whatsoever. If you want to see there is only the outer scene to be seen. Once your inner eyes begin to see, you have a clear choice; you can choose between the inner and the outer. And then you will always choose the inner whenever you will feel like seeing. And you will not miss it; the outer will become meaningless.


There is a story in the life of Rabiya.

Of an evening the sun is going down and she is sitting inside her hut. A fakir known as Hassan has come to visit her. It is the time of sundown and the evening is simply enchanting. So Hassan calls out to her, "Rabiya, what are you doing inside the hut? The evening is so beautiful, and the sundown is as splendid as I have never seen before. Such a glorious evening may not be seen again. Please come out of your hut and watch it."   In answer, Rabiya says, "O fool, how long will you continue to watch the outer sun? I ask you to turn in, because here I am watching him who created the sun. And I am witnessing such suns here as are yet uncreated and will be created in an unseen future. So it is better that you come in."   But Hassan could not get what Rabiya wanted to tell him. This woman is really rare. Rabiya is one of the very few women of significance in all the history of mankind. But Hassan fails to understand her; he insists again and again that Rabiya should come out of her hut and watch the sunset which she is missing. And Rabiya warns him over and over not to get lost in the glamor of the outer sunset and thus miss the real beauty of the inner.   This conversation between Rabiya and Hassan is happening at two different planes simultaneously. Two different kinds of sense organs are participating in it. If you are not aware of the inner senses, then the outer world is everything for you.


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