Kailash is the Himalaya of heaven. Blissful kailash... Thousands of people have become Buddhas from those spots. They have left a vacuum there, a very alive vacuum, and so powerful that no thoughts can enter into that vacuum. If you can find the right spot on Kailash and you can sit in that spot, suddenly you will be transformed -- you are in a whirlpool of no-mind. It will cleanse you.

The Himalayas have always been symbolic, symbolic of the inner Himalayas. Mythology has it that the god of the Himalayas lives on the highest peak, Kailash, but that is just a representation of the inner into the outer, a projection: the real peak is inside you.

God is not the first step of your evolution; rather, he is the final peak. He is the Gourishankar, the Mount Everest. He is the holy Mount Kailash, where all consciousness ultimately reach. Everybody is heading to this very place. Sooner or later everyone has to reach there. Every day you are becoming God, evolving into God. God is not a happening that once took place. God is a stream that is constantly flowing. God is happening every moment. He is growing within you; you are his womb.

All scriptures end here. They start from you and end with God! What you are now is the first step. What you will ultimately be is the last and final step. You are right now like the seed; that is your wandering. When you develop fully your totality, like a tree in full bloom, that will be your ultimate culmination, your fulfillment.

When the flowers bloom the tree's life is completed; in its blooming the tree has attained the full fragrance of its life. What is was born for has come to pass. With the blooming of flowers the tree is filled with an ecstasy. It is filled with a dance. Each pore of its being is thrilled, for it has not lived in vain. Its purpose has been fulfilled because it has bloomed to its ultimate fragrance and beauty.

When a tree is so filled with joy at the blooming of a flower -- a flower that begins to wither as soon as it opens, a flower that blooms for not even one single day -- then now much more ecstasy must there be in the universe when a Vardhaman becomes Mahavira or a Gautam Siddhartha flowers into Buddha. We call such a flowering that never fades shivahood, and that is God!


All forms arise out of darkness and dissolve into darkness. Worlds come, are created out of darkness, and they fall back into darkness. Darkness is the womb, the cosmic womb. The undisturbed, the absolute stillness is there.

Shiva says that it will be good to do this technique in a rainy night when everything is black, when clouds are there and no stars can be seen and the sky is completely dark. In a black night when there is no moon... ENTER THAT BLACKNESS AS THE FORM OF FORMS. Be a witness to that blackness, and then dissolve yourself into it. It is the form of all forms. You are a form -- you can dissolve into it.

When there is light, you are defined. I can see you, the light is there. Your body has a definition. You are defined, you have boundaries. Boundaries exist because of the light. When the light is not there, boundaries are dissolved. In blackness nothing is defined, everything merges into every other thing. Forms disappear.

That may be one of the causes of our fear -- because then you are not defined, then you don't know who you are. The face cannot be seen, the body cannot be known. Everything merges into a formless existence. That may be one of the causes of fear -- because you cannot feel your defined existence. Existence becomes vague and fear enters, because you don't know now who you are. The ego cannot exist: undefined, it is difficult to exist as an ego. One feels afraid. One wants light to be there.

Contemplating, meditating, merging, it will be easier to merge into darkness than to merge into light, because light gives distinctions. Darkness takes away all distinctions. In the light you are beautiful or ugly, rich or poor. The light gives you a personality, a distinctness -- educated, uneducated, saint or sinner. The light reveals you as a distinct person. Darkness envelops you, accepts you -- not as a distinct person; it simply accepts you without any definitions. You are enveloped and you become one.

The darkness is doing it always, but because you are afraid you cannot understand it. put aside your fear and become one.


The pyramids of Egypt are tirthas of some old, lost civilization. One interesting fact about the pyramids is that there is complete darkness inside. Scientists think that it is not likely that electricity existed when the pyramids were built -- some were constructed ten thousand years ago and others twenty thousand years ago. It is possible that people entered them with the help of burning torches, but there are no signs of smoke anywhere on the walls or ceilings of the pyramids. The paths within the pyramids are very long, with many twists and turns, and along them it is very dark. There could not have been electricity because there are no signs of electric fittings or a source to supply power. Torches burning oil or ghee would have left some signs of smoke. So a problem arises as to how people went inside. If no one went in, as some people suggest, why were so many paths made? There are many paths, staircases, doors and internal windows and also places for people to sit or stand about. But what was all this for? This has remained an unsolved puzzle. Some people guess that the pyramids were a whim of some emperor or king.

The most plausible explanation is that they were tirthas. When someone experiments in the right way with the inner fire, his body emanates a light. Such people were qualified to enter the pyramids. Neither electricity nor torches were ever needed, their body light was sufficient to move around inside the pyramid. But such body light is only produced through special meditative practices. So the producing of that body light was itself the test of certain people's right to enter.

In the early nineteen hundreds, when investigations were being done on the pyramids, one of the scientist's assistants became lost. With the help of search lights they looked for him everywhere -- for twenty-four hours he could not be found. Then after twenty-four hours, some time around twoo'clock in the morning, he came running towards them, almost deranged.

He said, "I was feeling my way in the darkness and I suddenly became aware of an opening. I went through it, and as soon as I did the door shut behind me. When I looked back the door was already closed. Yet when I had first approached it, there was only an open passage, nothing there like a door. But as soon as I entered that part of the passage, a door closed behind me; a heavy rock slid down, sealing off the exit. Then I shouted, but there was no response. I had no choice but to keep walking, and the things I saw...! It's difficult to describe...."

It is true that he was lost for twenty-four hours and that when he was found he was half insane, but what he described as having seen was incredible. The whole search party tried to find the door, but couldn't -- he could neither show where he had entered nor where he came out -- so it was concluded that the man must have either fainted, or gone to sleep and dreamt. But anyway, whatever he related was made a note of.

Some time after, during further explorations, the group found a book which described similar things to what the man had related. So the mystery deepened. It was thought that these things were in some sealed off room which opened up only under the influence of someone who is in a certain psychic state. Perhaps it had been accidental, perhaps it was a coincidence: triggered by his mental state the man may have been unknowingly become attuned to the state in which the opening happened. It had to be so, because although the man was not able to prove his experience, nevertheless the door did open.

So the secret places about which I am talking have their doors and there are methods through which one can enter them. There are arrangements and special inner spiritual conditions for reaching there. All the rooms and halls of the pyramids have been built in accordance with certain pre-determined measurements. You may have experienced sometimes that where a roof is set rather low, although it does not touch you, you feel that something within you is compressed, contracted. Nothing actually compresses you, but within you something feels compressed. When you enter a place where the ceiling is very high, you have a feeling of something expanding within. The measurements of a room can be calculated in such a way that meditation becomes very easy for you.

The exact measurements for a room that makes meditation most easy were determined after experimentation. Certain measurements of A room can be used either to help you to expand or contract your consciousness. The color scheme outside and inside rooms, the fragrance in the room, and the acoustics also can be devised in such a way as to help meditation.

Shiva is not a priest. He is a teerthankara. Shiva is an avatara. He is the seer, the paigambara. His words are like fire. Come near him only if you are ready to be burned; accept his invitation only if you are ready to disappear as you are. Because, the new will be born only when you would cease to be as you are. Not until you have turned yourself into ashes, will the new life emerge.

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