Babaji or Ashvathama?

Those of us who are familiar with the works of Paramhansa Yogananda, the world renowned Yogi and author of spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" - may indentify Ashvathama with Maha Avatar Babaji.

According to one popular legend, Ashvathama bore the burden of hatred and ill feeling toward the Pandavas until his death. He simply could not forgive them. And, the burning sands of Arvasthan worked as fuel, keeping the flames of hatred within him burning.

Ashvathama was a man with supermind... He had a very, very, very strong mind and character. And, mind as we know, is made up of electrical waves. Thoughts are the individual waves. Ashvathama's mind generated those waves to everyone who came in contact with him. He passed on those waves to his family members and friends. It was a contagious process that he had unknowingly or knowingly started. For thousand of years afterwards- the impact of those waves would still be felt.

Kripacharya , an uncle from his mother'side, would always to console him : Your grudges, your ill feelings, your hatred - are not natural. Your feelings are not in harmony with the laws of nature.

"You keep forgetting the law of karma, of action and reaction, of cause and effects". But Asvathama wouldn't listen to such advices. Kripacharya's advice fell on deaf ears. And Kripacharya was very much saddened. He could foresee the future events. The hard and rough energy of violence building up within Ashvathama was very contagious.

When these forces are in complete balance, life cannot be experienced and detected. For want of words, such condition is often called "Shunya" - Zero, The Zeroness. Then there is no birth and no death, therefore no life. It is a state of eternity, undetectable Eternity.

For life to occur, to happen, to become detectable - imbalance is necessary. Without such imbalance, there would be no life. In other words, life is synonym with imbalance. As long as there is life, as long as we live - imbalance is unavoidable.

This imbalance is the root cause of what is called "Leela" - The Play or Dance of Life. Life goes on moving and swinging between the two poles of Negative and Positive, Black and White, the so called Bad and Good...

"So," Kripacharya advised his nephew for the lasttime ,"go beyond the duality of experiences. You are an intelligent person. You should not be disturbed by the seemingly real experience. Nothing is real, beside the Nothingness itself.

christ-kashmir.jpgWhat happened next is a long story of man fighting his own mind. Ashvathama could not find peace in the himalayas. Having spent time there, he moved on... He crossed the subcontinent to go back to the group of islands known as Swarna Dvipa. He had a special place in his heart, for the archipelago. He had some distant memories of spending lifetimes there....

As the legend goes. Ashvathama left his body, but he did not leave this world. His soul is still somewhere in the Himalayas, intact and guiding people of all faiths on the path of goodness, truth and beauty. Many claim to have seen him there, and that he could manifest a body for himself at any time.

Christ of Kashmiris, Page 131-137 , Anand Krishna

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