My understanding of Yoga is a synthesis between the "seemingly" material world and the Spiritual reality which is the basis of all things. Hence my Yoga is neither 100% material nor 100% spiritual. It is a synthesis of spiritual science and material knowledge. Matter and Spirit, with all their variations, graduations and shades add to the luster of Yoga. They add to the beauty of Yoga. It is like a melody.

In my opinion those who learn yoga for pure health reasons are equally at fault as those who do the same for mere spiritual upliftment. Yoga is a science, a system of knowledge by which you remain incomplete no more. You become complete "Poorna", you become "Whole". How can you ever be complete, if you only accept one side of the life and reject the other side? Acceptance of one aspect and denial of another shall not make you complete.

One single note can be beautiful. I do not deny this, but it is far from being an orchestra. Yoga as I understand it is an orchestra. It is a beautiful melody. Matter and Spirit are both linked together - this is Yoga.

Anand Krishna, Life A Traveler's Guide to Journey Within, p.107

* * *

Sufi Guru Anand of Indonesia is a man of God destined to play an important role in building a world, which is free from malice, hatred and turmoil. He is a Bodhisattva (awakened being), who carries further the noble eight fold Path of the great Buddha, as a message for salvation of human misery and pain.

Prof. Haji Fida Mohammad Khan Hassnain (Sufi Mystic)

His love brings about awareness, enlightenment, happiness and peace.

Ayu Dyah Pasha (Artist)

He is one of those rare few individuals who have succeeded in bringing down the walls of separation based on religion.

Monthly SWA

At times of conflict like this, when everything looks gloomy, we must pay heed to Anand Krishna's message of living meditatively.

Daily Suara MERDEKA

Unlike leaders of other spiritual organizations, Anand Krishna is not interested in collecting followers. He does not profess to be a Guru. His message is simple - live naturally without masks.

Weekly GATRA

He is not just another writer, through his books he tries to soften our hearts and enlighten our minds

Weekly Tempo

The transformation that he has brought into my life is something that I could have never imagined before. He is all power, yet so humble, and that makes him different!

Yohanes Purwoko, Christian Religious Minister

Brave and full of courage, Anand Krishna's words have awakened his countrymen and women to the greatness of their nation, and  their duty toward the betterment of the world.

Ida Pedanda Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa, Hindu Priest

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