Miraculously produced "Photograph" of Jesus

On December 25th, 1987, Christmas was being celebrated as usual by Sathya jesus_photo.jpgSai Baba at Prashanti Nilayam, in India. As usual thousands of devotees from all over the world had assembled for this unforgettable expression of unity among world religions and cultures. Sai Baba was walking among the lines of eager devotees giving Darshan when one of them stood up with his camera and asked Sai Ram (as he is affectionately called) to wait for a moment while the devotee snapped a picture. Sai Baba joked with him that there were a number of shops outside where he can procure photographs, why did he want yet another photograph? But the devotee persisted and he finally agreed, but curiously after the picture was taken, Sai Baba uncharacteristically told him to go and get the film developed. When the photographer got the film developed, to the surprise of all it turned out to be a picture of Jesus, not of Sai Baba.

Evidently he wanted to impress upon them that all Avataras of God come from the same essence and in that sense are One. As Sai Baba says of such mysterious phenomena: "No one can understand my mystery. The best you can do is get immersed in it."

Sathya Sai Baba

The way in which Jesus lived and taught was simple, yet sublime. His mode of teaching was something extraordinary. Jesus was no academic scholar. He could lay claim to neither degrees nor doctorate. He was not a Pandit or a savant. He had not attained proficiency or mastery in any practical art or science. He did neither indulge in high-flown oratory nor deliver learned pulpit sermons. When He spoke, He spoke but shortly and His brief words were few. His sayings were short, pithy and almost aphoristic. But His words were vibrant with an extraordinary power that were not of this world. They were vital and aflamed. They burnt themselves into the depths of the very consciousness of His hearers. And the reason?

When Jesus spoke, His blessed words came from the depths of a limitless Love and an infinite Divine Compassion that thrilled and thrilled again with an all-consuming, powerful desire to do good to men, to serve, to help and to save. This compassion to purify, to raise and to save mankind verily constitutes the sacred Heart of Jesus the Christ. This Love enlivened His words with a Divine Force, which made them to be permanently enshrined in the hearts of the fortunate hearers of His own blessed times and no less of the millions who read them even to this day through the holy pages of the Sacred Bible.

Life and Teachings of Lord Jesus

Jesus Christ, how humble, how very human.... Later many people would be drawn to him because of the miracles he performed. But his real miracle was his "humanity". The Savior talked about love, non-violence and non-injury. ...The Saviour believed in holiness itself. ...The Savior placed Divinity above all else. But in the same breath, the Savior also added that man was also divine. The earth, the sky, the mountains and the valleys, the sun, moon and stars, trees and animals all were divine.

Soul Quest - Journey from Death to Immortality, Anand Krishna

Let prayer happen! Don't prepare for it. A prepared prayer is a false prayer. And a repeated prayer is just a mechanical thing. You can repeat the Christian prayer -- you have crammed it, it has been forced upon you. You can repeat it in the night and fall asleep, but it will not make you aware.


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