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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik 
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          Title:   B. Happy Lovely Cute Doggies    download_trans.gif Download
ScrShot:   screenurl
Happy valentine's day for Dog's Lovers. This animated screensaver presents a happy family of doggie's world and why neighborhood's grass always looks more green... What a contradictory situation!.

I have heard a story:

a man's dog died; he had loved the dog very much -- and the dog was very understanding and very loving and very beautiful. He could not live without that dog; the death of that dog had left an empty space within him. He went to purchase another dog, and he told the pet shop owner, "I want something special."; otherwise he would not be able to forget his old dog.

The owner said, "Don't be worried. I have a very rare dog -- and very cheap." He showed him the dog and certainly, the man had never seen such a beautiful dog with such a philosophical face, with such loving eyes, with such a beautiful body.

He said, "I am ready to pay anything."

But the owner said, "He's not very costly, he's the cheapest dog I have. There are more costly dogs if you want."

The man went around and he was surprised: those costly dogs were nothing compared to that cheap dog. He asked the owner: "I'm puzzled and confused. Why are you selling that dog so cheap?"

The owner said, "You don't understand. First purchase it, and then you will understand."

So he purchased the dog -- at such a cheap price! You could not even get a vagabond dog from the street at that price.

Puzzled, he went home. In the morning he looked and the dog had disappeared. He said, "My god, where has the dog gone? The house was locked and I am alone."

He rushed back to the shop and the dog was there, sitting in his place. The owner said, "Have you understood why he is the cheapest dog? He always comes back. He has been sold a thousand times but he is so obedient.... You can have him," he said, "but what is the point?"

LOVE. It is not only cheap, it has no price at all. To be loving costs nothing, and yet it always comes back a thousandfold. You go on becoming richer and richer. It is a strange economics of existence.



The moment you possess anything, you have killed it.
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